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Infusing Your Collateral with the Fresh and Unexpected.


Who you are and what you stand for, in an online world.

At Fresh Ideas, we take webdesign and digital branding very seriously.  We know the difference between attracting the eye and creating distration from conent.  Fresh Ideas creates powerful, elegant and informative designs that will capture and engage your audience.  





At Fresh Ideas, we take web design and digital branding very seriously. It is an investment that has the most far reaching ramifications. What else can consistently reach so many people at any given time on their own terms? Your online self is always there, always ready. Always making or breaking sales for you whether you are at the office or not.



Generating sales through well-designed printed collateral is an art from.


When it's your information that needs to be presented, you can't afford to diminish the effect and intent of your message with casual or hasty layouts.  You've spent too much time and effort to develop good information!  Fresh Ideaslooks to enhance your printed word with the right balance of design and content layout. We will create a design that will work in harmony with all your integrated brand communications.




Every marketing campaign, every customer experience and every internal decision will either affect, or be affected by, the brand.


Fresh Ideas can help you build, refresh, or evolve your brand including: package design, tradeshow graphics, iconography, PowerPoint presentations, and tradeshow giveaways.



Get your message out there, and do it better than the other guy.


That's the challenge of advertising isn't it? Say what you need to say as effectively, but in as little time as possible. Whether it's a full-page color ad or a web banner, you have to grab their attention, hit them with the important info, and drive them to contact you. And you need to do it while all the competition is trying to do the same. By understanding the product, your brand, and the target audience, we can create the right blend of visuals & messaging and get the reaction you want.

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